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 Past 7 Months, I have Been Very Busy

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Posts : 1310
Sailboat : Pair CM 32's Aft Cabin Ketch & Aft Cockpit
Male Birthday : 1956-10-17
Join date : 2011-12-28
Age : 62
Job/hobbies : Artist

PostSubject: Past 7 Months, I have Been Very Busy   Mon Oct 14, 2013 1:59 am

Last spring I shifted gears.

Some of you know, I started this site, and purchased several sailboats, as a way to do an outreach to kids, that get into trouble, because they don't have enough time consuming activities to keep them out of trouble.

While I still think that would have been a good project to throw support into, I got side-swiped by our politicians in Washington (both side of the isle) being so stupid, to a point of treason, I just had to act, and get involved in politics, and political watch dog groups.  Sailing got put on hold.

I was a member of NRA already, some 20 plus years.  I traded my back seat, do nothing membership card, for a Endowment Life card.  I support all areas of NRA that I can.  I signed up for classes to teach firearms training to youth and adults.  I am an instructor for Concealed Carry in my state.  I am an instructor for Refuse to be a Victim, and so is my wife.  I hold 7 firearms certificates for teaching, and did this in about as many months. 

Just got back from a class, held out of state, Refuse to be a Victim.   great information, that shows the general public how to try to be as safe as possible, in a sometimes violent world.  

My class taking will slow down now, however, my class teaching is just getting started.

I had my CM32 Ketch out twice all summer.   It may be, that I will sell her in the spring.  Time will tell.

Sure had a blast the few hours I did get in this year.

My lake will freeze up soon.  Had first frost warnings out last night.    Might pull her tomorrow.


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Lifetime Member
Lifetime Member

Posts : 112
Sailboat : CM 26
Male Birthday : 1952-03-16
Join date : 2013-01-25
Age : 66
Job/hobbies : Telecommunications/Security/IT - Hobby Music

PostSubject: Re: Past 7 Months, I have Been Very Busy   Tue Oct 15, 2013 10:51 am

Gary - Like yourself, I too am a victim of politics and the economy. Downsized by a telecommunications company several years ago when the economy tanked and doing freelance work ever since, I find myself wondering if this once great countrys best days are behind it. Being a NRA member myself and one of the 'folks in Pennsylvania who keep their guns and God close' as a famous man once said, I think we may share many of the same views but that's enough politics on a website where there should be none.
  I know I share the opinion of everyone who uses this website as a source of knowledge and Clipper Marine camaraderie, that you're greatly appreciated in your efforts to keep the Clipper Marine marquee alive.
 I have visited/joined a few of the 'other' groups that exist but this is the one that keeps me most engaged and I sure hope you have the time in the future to keep it alive!!
terry s.
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Posts : 1310
Sailboat : Pair CM 32's Aft Cabin Ketch & Aft Cockpit
Male Birthday : 1956-10-17
Join date : 2011-12-28
Age : 62
Job/hobbies : Artist

PostSubject: Re: Past 7 Months, I have Been Very Busy   Tue Oct 15, 2013 2:10 pm

Just re-uped the Clipper-Sailor.net for another year.

That site has some technical data and old information that is still valuable today.


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Kevin "The Flying Fox"
Posting Member

Posts : 15
Sailboat : The Flying Fox. 1975 CM26 flushdeck
Join date : 2013-09-16
Job/hobbies : woodworker & wood finisher

PostSubject: Re: Past 7 Months, I have Been Very Busy   Tue Oct 15, 2013 7:10 pm

Stay in touch! One of us can take over next year. Thanks for your dedication!
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PostSubject: Re: Past 7 Months, I have Been Very Busy   

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Past 7 Months, I have Been Very Busy
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